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We value our patients’ experience at Corrective Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Mark Jensen

Dr. Jensen,

I just wanted to say thank you for the huge difference you and Corrective Chiropractic have made in my life. I had been to two other chiropractors who essentially did nothing but take my money. I would feel a little better for a few days after treatment, but it didn’t last. And, they made no effort to truly understand my condition and create an effective treatment program. You did, and I feel great!

I am extremely impressed with your knowledge, your skill in adjustments, your caring, and your concern for whole body/mind wellness. I feel that I can tell you about anything that’s going on, whether it’s work stress, digestive issues, or muscle cramps, and you listen carefully and offer solutions.

I highly recommend you to anyone, whether they have an acute injury or simply minor pain and a little soreness like I had. Not only is the pain gone, but also I sleep better, and I feel A LOT less stressed and more happy. I am amazed that my mental health as well as my physical health improved, and I attribute it to you. THANK YOU!

Lane M.

For over 22 years I have been involved in the trades and have developed chronic lower back and shoulder pain, which is why I came in to let Dr. Jensen try to help me. He put me on a 90 day program and after three weeks I am seeing incredible results. Thing is, not only has the pain subsided, but my breathing, sleep and overall health has improved. Use of meds has lessened and I actually feel better when I do things that he suggests. I think more clearly and feel more alive, thanks to his treatments and very helpful staff.

Michael P.

It was a day, I felt a miracle happen and performed. I am 44 years old and I had lost the desire to play any sports anymore, until  recieving Chiropractic. I am 44 years old but feeling 22 years old. No more pain, I mean no more. I just enjoy walking upright, hiking and able to play basketball like a kid again. Now that’s a miracle to me. What a smile I have now.

Jimmy M.

I can turn my neck without any pain, I haven’t had any back pain and I sleep much better without pain. My daily activities is much improved. I love his way of talking to his patients and that makes you feel relaxed. I feel like that was part of my healing.


My back has no pain. I can bend and I can sleep better, working is easier, my neck dont hurt,  and his class was very good. I learn alot about how the body works.

Robert T.

After coming here I was able to carryout my regular everyday life, pain free. I can prepare meals for my family, do laundry, walk, etc…Thanks so much Creative Chiropractic.

Gwen M.

After being referred to chiorpractic care and in the short time I was able to be treated.; I am now able to do alot of more moving around with less pain.

Shellera K.

Since I started treatment at Corrective Chiropractic I have noticed continuous improvements with my back problems. Dr. Jensen and staff are very nice and so easy to work with. They have created a great environment. I have enjoyed getting treatments here and I have noticed significan improvements. Very soon I will be feeling 100% again.

Andrew G.

My pediatric doctor recommended my baby get tubes after numerous ear infections. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to the doctor and relied on Mark to fix the problem and he did. I highly recommend Corrective Chiropractic for assistance with the struggles of ear infections in babies. They corrected the problem with my child and we now are ear ache free.
Natalie M.

My tingling sensation running through to my arm totally disappeared. My neck stiffness is much better. I tore my meniscus and I told Dr. Jensen, but didn’t think he could do anything about it. To my surprise last weekend I walked most of the day and I realized, my knee didn’t swell up or was in pain, AMAZING!!!
Mia Y.